Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Tuesdays can be worse than Mondays

For some reason I am a little more tired today than I was yesterday. Perhaps it's because I had no time to hit the gym yesterday. I had to go straight from work to Seattle to pick up my car from it's 550 dollar maintenance. I took it in for a free oil change, but that's what ended up happening to it. My philosophy is that every now and then, a car just needs 500 bucks. If your car hasn't needed 500 dollars in awhile, trust me...it will soon.

After picking up the car last night, I went to the Denny's in Ballard to meet with several friends who I'm going to Comic Con with this year. We discussed possible dinners out together, costumes we might bring along, and also why I'm going to a "Comic Con" if I don't read comic books. Trying to explain this was fruitless. By the way, at Denny's, I had the "Cinderella breakfast" which was pancakes with Cherries and sprinkles along with sausage, eggs, and a cherry flavored sprite. Lots of my favorite stuff there. If only they didn't name it after Cinderella..... :-)

Today after work, I need to help move my old easy chair from a an old buddie's office to my house (he's been keeping it for me for several years), then possibly hit the gym if I don't crash at home after the long day. Then tonight at about 10pm I'm supposed to go down to the Cinerama and get in line for the new Spiderman movie which opens at midnight. I think I'll enjoy hanging out with everyone I'm going with more than the actual movie itself, but I'm still looking forward to it. Movies at the Cinerama are always a good time.

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