Monday, August 02, 2010

Video game number two hundred and twenty two: Infamous

Video game review number two hundred and twenty two in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "Infamous"

While down at Comic Con, I visited the Sony booth and checked out their new "Move" titles. It felt a lot like the Wii to me, with a black controller (or two of them in many cases). I played a fighting game, a shooting game, and a gladiator title with a sword and shield, and all of them felt just like playing the Wii. When I finished the latter (the gladiator game), I was handed a t-shirt that was advertising Infamous 2. I didn't see that game at their booth, but I would have been interested in taking a look. I'd heard good things about the original Infamous, and was looking very forward to playing it. When I returned from my trip, it was the first thing in my GameQ from Gamefly, and arrived in the mail.

After less than an hour of playing, I have to say...I am not a fan of this title. Infamous is billed as an open world game, and open world it is. It reminds you of Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row or maybe Crackdown...but it's not as fun to pick up and play as any of those three titles. After playing this for a while, I was left feeling like this game was over-hyped, and that it was a ripoff of several better games.

You have these interesting electricity powers, and you can either use them to help or hurt the citizens of the city. Do "good" and you'll become loved. Do "evil" and you'll become "Infamous". That reminded me of a Fable a bit, except this game throws the moral choices right in your face, and (at least with the first two), they're impossible to miss. You know you're choosing to alter your stats, so it's not as subtle as some moral choices in games like Mass Effect or Fable. I went ahead and picked the good option. It was a choice between allowing citizens to starve or I figured I'd let them eat. A few minutes later, I accidentally killed a few....and somehow lost whatever good bonus I'd gotten from the earlier good deed. Ah well.

Getting killed by the swarms of enemies is pretty easy, and you are by no means the super human that you are in Crackdown 2 (which I've been playing a lot lately). The world feels extremely bland by comparison, and you just have a sense that you're playing a copycat rather than something new and unique.

Overall Score? I'm giving this one a 5/10. Purely average...nothing to buy, should definitely be rented first. I did...and I was ready to return it the same day I received it.

Trophies? I earned a couple but for some reason, they have not synced yet with the server, so all I can do right now is prove that I earned two:

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