Saturday, February 20, 2010

Video game number forty eight: G-Force

Game review number forty eight in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "G-Force".

About 6 months ago, the previews for this movie started coming on TV. One time, our dog noticed one and got very excited. He sat down and watched the little guinea pigs with jet packs on. I rewound it a couple of times on the DVR, and he watched it every time, wagging his tail and occasionally sniffing the tv. I think the dog wants to be a secret agent, just like the rodents in this movie.

I never saw the actual movie, but Heather did Netflix it and tried to watch it with the dog. Apparently, he lost interest. Playing this game, I know how he feels.

The game starts out well enough. You're a little guinea pig with a jet pack on. You have all sorts of laser weapons. You're taught how to use them, and then you break into a house and try to steal some secret information from someone's computer.

The controls are good, and right off the bat, I couldn't help but think to myself: "Wow, this game is better than Sonic". That's not saying a lot, but there it is. The controls, camera and combat are all better than Sonic Unleashed. If you're going to play one of those two, this is definitely the one to play.

I made it several missions into the game, and the enemies get more and more fierce with each level. Very similar to the Transformers movies, household appliances in this game are somehow transformed into little guinea pig killing machines. Toasters, computers, electric razors and desk lamps all transform into little electronic monsters. They chase and shoot you quite a bit, and your little guinea pig weapons are not always a match. Sometimes, you have to run.

The desktop computers turned out to be my least favorite enemy to fight. They shoot little electric mice at you and have shields so you can't shoot back. The only way to kill them is to wait for the case to open, then shoot their power supply. I have to hand it to the developers, if my PC ever came to life...I'm pretty sure this is exactly the kind of beast it would become.

After a few missions, I lost interest. There's nothing in the story worth continuing to play for once you stop being mesmerized by the guinea pigs with jet packs and lasers. I imagine the movie is similar. Kids might enjoy this game, but it's not one of those kids games like Lego Star Wars that adults will love too.

Overall score: 5/10. It's pretty much exactly what I expected. Average at best.

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