Friday, February 26, 2010

Video game number fifty eight: Wits and Wagers

Video game review number fifty eight in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "Wits and Wagers".

Wits and Wagers is another video game based on a popular board game that I'd rather play instead. If three of my buddies wanted to sit around and play this board game on our dining room table, it would be a lot of fun...but frankly, if I have three friends over for gaming, this is one of the last kinds of games we'd play. We'd go for Rock Band, Halo, even something silly like Scene It before playing an incredibly basic trivia game like this.

Playing this game alone against the computer? It's pretty lame. They ask you really difficult questions that have a specific numerical answer, and then you try to get as close to the answer as you can by guessing. You wager on your guess, as does the AI. The closest person to the actual answer without going over wins the money, just like the Price is Right.

At first, I played honestly. I actually won a few rounds, not for having the right answer...but for being the closest. It was then that I realized if I really wanted some achievements, all I'd have to do is bing the answer and bet everything. I did that, and got a huge bonus.

This was fun but completely negated the purpose of playing any further. You wouldn't sit with your friends and play the board game with Google or Bing sitting open on your laptop, but unless you do that against the computer...the game drags on and on.

Overall score? 3/10. This would be a fun party game, if anyone ever actually wanted to play it at a party. As a solo game, either you play it and bore yourself to death....or you cheat for the quick achievements. Either way, it's just a waste of your time, so I decided to pick option three, which was moving to the next game.

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