Saturday, January 10, 2009

A packed Saturday

I got up bright and early this morning, got started with laundry then did a few errands. Post office, bank, Best Buy then drove all the way to Kenmore Camera to pick up a really cool Crumpler camera bag for my new DSLR. It was worth the drive, I think it's going to come in really handy. After that trip, I headed home to do a little more packing for the trip. Did some yardwork, then cleaned before heading to Toma's birthday party.

We ended up at a Sushi restaurant, not my favorite type of place, but it ended up being really good. I think that's probably because I had tempura and teriyaki instead of Sushi. It was a fun surprise party, and there ended up being about 16 or so people that showed up (none of whom the birthday girl knew were coming).

On the way home, we stopped at Mike's (which isn't really on the way, but Heather had left her sweater there at his last party and we needed to get it). One last shopping stop on the way home and I was finally ready to finish everything up. It looks like I'll be in bed by midnight, which is actually better than I was expecting.

Tomorrow: The fun begins!

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