Thursday, January 01, 2009

A new year...

Starting off the year with a post to this thing, just because I don't write here rarely enough. My most important (public) resolution this year is to try to keep track of stuff a little better, something this blog is handy for.

Woke up today a little tired from last night's festivities, but not too much. Heather brought me breakfast in bed (what a nice way to start the new year) and then I got up to try and tackle the mess that is my office.

I got a new PC and I'm still moving files from the old one onto this computer. It's taken all morning and most of the day yesterday as well. Next, I have to move files off two other old PCs that I was using pretty much exclusively as storage servers. There's no reason for them anymore, as I now have over 2TB of storage at my disposal, plus 1.5TB of external backup.

When I'm done with this, I'll do a little more cleaning, then maybe play a few games. I should also exercise at some point today (this being New Year's Day and all)....whether that will come in the form of an actual trip to the gym or just some DDR/Wii Fit at home remains to be seen.

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