Friday, November 14, 2008

Secret Samadhi

11 years ago, Live released their 4th CD, which was a huge deal for me. Back then, Live was one of the biggest bands in my little musical universe. I had never even heard of them 3 years prior, but some friends convinced me to go see them play and I was hooked after that. A year later, I had followed them all over the northwest on their Throwing Copper tour, and Mental Jewlery and Foursongs had become two of my all time favorite CDs.

When Secret Samadhi came out, I remember being unimpressed with "Lakini's Juice" (the first single that was being played on the radio and MTV), but I bought the album anyway hoping it would grow on me. This is back before MP3s, so buying an album when you didn't even like the single was a risky proposition. I listened to it a lot, but none of the songs "clicked" for me. I tried to like it, but I just couldn't get into this album the way I did with their other music. Looking back now, I think maybe I just loved "Throwing Copper" so much that anything they released to follow it up would have been a letdown at that point in time for me.

2 weeks ago, I saw Zack and Miri make a porno and during a pivotal scene in the movie, "Lift me Up", (an unreleased track from the Throwing Copper days) came on. The next day I found myself listening to all my Live records again. One album in particular stands out more now than it ever did in the past.

I was completely wrong about Secret Samadhi. It's just as good as their first three disks and possibly better in some ways. I've listened to several of my Live cds on and off since the 90's, but this one has always been missing from the rotation. No more. This is on my mind tonight because I've got the record on and I can't seem to turn it off....even though it's a work night and I should be in bed.

Heather managed to sleep through my little evening of Live and almost the entire Secret Samadhi album, even though she's just one door away and I have the sound up pretty loud....but I think my singing just woke her up.

That's probably my cue to call it a night.


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