Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mending Fences

A year and a half ago, a windstorm hit King County and knocked my fence down. I had planned to put it back up last summer, but we never got around to it. This Cinco De Mayo weekend, there was plenty of sunshine and no excuse NOT to do it. Craig offered to come over and help...so on Saturday morning we got started bright and early.

Saturday the 3rd was spent tearing down the existing fence and digging post holes for the new one. I got to knock down most of the old fence with a log splitter and a dry wall hammer. It was fun (and I think it may have even been a bit theraputic). Sigh...look how green the grass looks in this picture. It dies every summer...and comes back in the winter when we're not interested in going outside to use it.

After our day of destruction on Saturday (and mixing a bunch of concrete to set the fence posts) our work crew took a celebratory hot tub and had some drinks. Sunday morning, we got started bright and early with a trip to the Home Depot. Craig and I grabbed all the fence boards we'd need for the job and then some. Turned out we actually needed an entire pallet, which we somehow got into Craig's truck with the help of a shopping cart and a fork lift.

We spent almost all day Sunday framing, and by the evening, we had completed just 5 panels of the fence. That left 17 to go for Monday.

Monday morning was Cinco De Mayo and I was a bit hung over from the "post-work celebration" the night before, but Craig showed up bright and early just the same. He started work around 9am and I stumbled out of bed a few hours later to make a trip to the dump with all the old fence debris. After a quick lunch break, we finished up the rest of the fence by 6pm (just in time to have a Cinco De Mayo dinner out on the deck).

We still need to add a trellis to the top of the fence (and do the other two sides of the yard) but that's all going to be saved for June or July.

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