Monday, February 18, 2008

The non-daily thing

It wasn't fun trying to think of things posting every day back when I was doing that, but I'm sure I could be doing better than once every couple of weeks.

So...a quick weekend update:

Saturday morning I got up and played Beautiful Katamari for an hour or so. I was relentlessly trying to get this one achievement that I just couldn't make. Mike came over sometime that afternoon and we went to play racquetball. We played 4 games, winning two each.

That night I had a date with Heather. We went out to Ruth Chris and had a really nice dinner, then saw Lisa Lampanelli in concert at the Paramount theater in Seattle. She had a couple of opening acts, it was a good evening. We even got what I called "Rock Star parking", even though it was a whole block and a half away.

Sunday, we got an early start and went to the Seattle Home Show down at Qwest Field. They had pretty much the whole exhibition center filled up with all sorts of wonderful stuff I'd love to upgrade the house with if I had the extra cash lying around. They even had a few model homes that they had somehow built INSIDE the convention center. Fully furnished, landscaped...everything. One of them was 3100 square feet. I really don't understand how such a thing is possible....but it's pretty amazing. After the home show we went over to Craig's for a BBQ. Yes, a February. It was a little cold, but you have to take advantage of these sunny days in Seattle when you get them.

Spent the rest of the evening watching movies at home, took a hot tub and went to sleep early enough to get to get the full 8 hours before work today. President's Day holiday for me....I'm at the office.

I did manage to finally get that Beautiful Katamari achievement this afternoon. 1,500,000 Katamari worth 90 points. Woo!

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