Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The weekend

I can predict the future:

There's no way I'll have an entry for every day like I wanted to. It's just not going to happen. Like most crazy New Years resolutions, this is destined to fail. Even though it's not a New Year's resolution, it's still something I decided to do on January 1st and I'm already wavering. I've missed several days, so I'll quickly recap:

Friday the 11th: Started the morning being part of the "12th man sendoff" for the Seattle Seahawks. Basically, I stood out on a freeway overpass (the one right down the street from our house) and cheered the Seahawks on as they drove towards Seatac in their charter buses. There were about 30 people there and we were on the news. I could lie and say that I'm a huge Seahawks fan, but the simple fact is, it was happening right down the street from my house and during my morning commute, so it was sort of a lark.

Worked all day, hit the Darth Maul for lunch for some Won-Ton noodle soup, then the gym after work with Mike for some weight lifting. Came home after that, played Earth Defense Force for about 2 hours with John...who helped me get up to 5000 or so in health points.

Saturday the 12th: Woke up and played some more EDF (bringing my HP total up to 6000) then I watched the Seahawks lose the playoff game. Our sendoff didn't work well at all I guess. Around 5pm, I was supposed to go play racquetball with Mike, but it turned out he had the game on Tivo and was watching it on delay. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he should leave and play racquetball with me (because they were about to lose 42-20) but I went to the gym alone instead and left him to his misery.

After the gym, Heather and I drove down to Seattle for Toma's second birthday party, this one at Ipanema all you can eat brazillian steakhouse. I am trying to lose weight right now, so all you can eat meat is probably not the best idea....but I did it anyway. Afterwards, we drove over to Craig's to check in on our niece and then drove home. Fell asleep to SNL.

Sunday the 13th: A lazy day. Did a lot of resting, went to the gym for some cardio and Best Buy to buy my Satellite radio (that was actually a Christmas gift, I was just picking it up). It gets installed later this week.

Monday the 14th: Back to work. I did not hit the gym yesterday, mostly because I was tired. I'll go today though. After work, played a little EDF...my HP is at 7900 now. I need 12,000 to beat the game. Hope to do that before next week. Heather made spaghetti for dinner, we watched some TV and then went in the hot tub after it snowed a little. No snow while we were in there, but I'm still hoping that happens once before winter is over.

Today: This morning was really icy. I managed to make it to work without incident, until I got to the driveway at work. At that point, some idiot decided to stop at a green light, causing me to have to stop faster than I planned to. I honked my horn to alert him to the fact that I was coming and he needed to go...but he didn't budge. My brakes weren't doing much, but somehow....I stopped within inches of hitting his back bumper. Lucky morning.

Hopefully the rest of my day continues to be just as good.

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