Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I travel round the globe, it's keepin girlies dizzy

As a member of the Earth Defense Force, I must make it known that I have accumulated 9734 pieces of armor in preperation for the battles that are yet to come.

Translation: I really hope I'll have enough health to finish this damn game this week.

In other news: Hit the gym after work tonight, stayed longer than usual. Heather made a really good dinner and I played EDF until just now. Work was eventful today, but this is a blog, not a private journal, so that's not the kind of stuff you get to read about.

A bunch of Hasbro figures I'd probably like were announced today. I can't buy em, because I'm taking a break from Star Wars collecting. That should probably go on my other collecting blog, but I'm too tired to put it over there.

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