Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Rock Band

For the last two nights, I've been playing Rock Band in the living room with friends. It's pretty cool to have a video game that's so social you don't even have to schedule a special night to play it....people just come over after work and play.

Last night, it was Jason, John, Mike and me rocking out most of the time, with special guest singing appearances by Heather whenever she'd hear a song she liked scroll by. She wishes there were more pop songs. I can't really disagree with that wish.

Tonight, Heather, John and I formed a 3 person band after some extensive character creating sessions trying to make Jem and at least one or two Holograms. We earned John's band about 150,000 fans or so and had some fun playing a bunch of songs.

Then I cleaned the house.

What a joyous night.

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