Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Everything tastes better when it's Halo

I've never been a big fan of Mountain Dew. I don't know whether it's the commercials that imply it's the exclusive drink of base jumpers, the fact that it looks like pee or just the taste of the stuff. Whatever the reason, it's never been my favorite soda.

A year or two ago, they came out with a new flavor of "The Dew" called "Code Red". It promised a blast of cherry flavor. Seeing as how I love all things cherry, I had to try it. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it tasted really good...but I still didn't make it a regular choice. WHen I want a cherry flavored beverage, Cherry Coke remains my first pick. Mountain Dew has never made anything to shoot that can off the fence.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I happened to be in a 7/11, where I had planned to buy a Slurpee. I was all set to get my brain freeze on, when I stumbled upon a bottle of "Halo Fuel", a new flavor of Mountain Dew in the drink aisle. If the fact that my favorite video game has inspired it's own beverage wasn't enough to inspire the purchase, it also said "limited edition" right there on the bottle. I had no choice but to buy one right then and there.

After my first sip, I realized...this wasn't just Mountain Dew Code Red in a shiny new bottle with the Master Chief on it...this was a cherry flavored experience all it's own. Being a rational person, I realized that this new flavor could be in my head. After all, there was a Master Chief on the bottle and Halo has been known to make things taste better. There was only one way to find out:

An Official Mountain Dew Code Red vs. Mountain Dew Halo Fuel taste test.

I conducted a scientific taste test similar in method to the infamous "Pepsi Challenge". Equal amounts of Code Red and Halo Fuel were poured into plain paper cups from the kitchen at work. A co-worker and I each sipped a sample of each soda (say that 5 times fast)...and found there to be several differences.

Difference number one: Halo Fuel is more orange in color than Code Red.
Difference number two: Halo Fuel has a stronger odor than Code Red. It's a citrus smell, almost orange. Actually smells a bit like Sunkist orange soda.
Difference number three: Halo Fuel tastes more like cherries!

Number 3 was what sold me. It's still not better than Cherry Coke, or Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper....or even cherry Kool Aid. Still....when none of those three things are around, make mine a Mountain Dew!


Batman said...

Ok cool expariment but you need to read the bottle it says Game fuel not Halo fuel and secondly it says on the bottle a cherry orange flavor. That means it is a mix between code red and live wire but still doesn't taste like them at all.

Superman said...

Like batman said, the drink is called Game Fuel not halo fuel. But, this is where your both wrong. The drink isnt just another Mtn Dew Code Red, or Livewire, or a mix of the 2. It was made as its own unique flavor. Each and every dew flavor is made as an original not a copy cat of previous Dew drinks, or other sodas. This is coming from one of Dew's most dedicated.

and the irony of my screen name being Superman and commenting after "Batman" is just great. lol.