Monday, May 28, 2007

Sunday's adventures

Posting this one on Monday, playing a little catch up.

After finishing the last entry, I got up and woke everyone up. Heather, Jason and I went to the IHOP for breakfast where I had some really good French toast with cherries on top to go along with my breakfast.

After we got done with the meal, Jason headed out to take some pictures of the Heroes fountain (located right down the street from our hotel) and we left for the con. As it was after 10:30, we were able to walk right into the convention and into the Collector’s panels, where I had already missed 2 of the day’s coins. We then went to the Clone Wars presentation, where I missed the footage because I was rushing to the next Collector’s panel. This was the first and only time I regretted going to one of these things.

We watched the “Local Collectors Club” panel, where they handed out the Tusken Raider at one around noon. After that panel, we left because I figured there would be a coin later in the afternoon…but instead, they handed out a Stormtrooper right afterwards at the next one. I was able to trade my Leia to get that one, but that left me with only my extra Sand person and a Luke as tasty trade bait. At this point, I had 10 coins and needed to get 4 more to complete my set.

Heather went downstairs to watch the Costume contest while I watched a couple of different panels. There were no coins at any of my panels and we ended up texting each other back and forth during the two separate events we were at. Afterwards, we met up to walk the exhibit hall a bit. We hadn’t really seen much of it during the week, but it turns out there wasn’t a lot that we had missed from Thursday. We did almost the whole hall in less than an hour, and then headed to the front of the con to meet Jim and Tom for the Master Replicas party. Earlier in the day, we had lucked out when we received some passes to this exclusive event at Jim Henson Studios, so we weren’t going to miss this one.

When we arrived at the Buses, Walter, Victoria, Lisa, Shannon, Jim and Tom were already all there. We waited around for almost an hour for the stupid bus to show up, but it never came. We finally took a couple of taxis, which we split 4 ways each. It got us there well ahead of all the people who waited for the bus, and we used that time to get some really good dinner and a table where we sat and talked with other friends from the great Northwest. Got to meet a couple of the celebrities and participate in the raffle. Some MR swordsmen took to the mats to fight with the Force FX lightsabers. All in all, it was a great party, at least until we wanted to leave.

Kermit breaks out of a wall:

Some Jedi battle it out with Force FX Sabers:

Around 10 or so, we decided to go home, but as it turned out, there were once again no buses. We waited for at least 40 minutes before a bus finally arrived, and we didn’t make it onto that one. At that point, we thought about taking a cab….but shortly after that decision had been made, another smaller bus showed up. Unfortunately, that bus decided that only famous people going to the Omni could ride. They had all left via cabs, so this was basically useless. We all got back off and this was when Heather discovered her cell phone was gone.

We knew she had the phone at the con, because we were texting during the last two panels and she had called me to meet up before going to wait for the buses. She went back into the party to look for it, but no one had returned it. I gave her my phone so she could call and have hers deactivated, which took 20 minutes or more. Meanwhile, I’m sitting there talking with people in line about how we may or may not be getting a ride home.

We sat there and waited until around 11:30pm, when finally….another “Omni bus” arrived. He said he wouldn’t take any of us in the line, and I argued a bit with him before going back into the event and finding someone in charge. I asked one of the MR people to get out there and get their private “talent” shuttles to start taking the rest of their guests home. He did so, and we jumped onto that bus that had said they wouldn’t take us. We were dropped off at the Holiday Inn. We got to bed around midnight, which was pretty darn late considering I was planning an early morning for Monday.

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