Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Blogging isn't easy...

Man, I've just spent the last 3 hours uploading all my posts I composed while down at C4 and editing in all the photos that went along with them.

Finally caught up to today, which was my first day of vacation at home. Didn't leave the house once today, except to water the lawn. Spent the first part of the morning finishing up the new Dean Koontz book I bought for the trip. Watched some shows on the DVR with Heather including Studio 60 (I'm really glad that show is back, at least for a little bit).

Leaving the house will be a bit of a challenge for the next few days, seeing as how my car is in the shop getting its' front bumper repaired. I ran over a log that fell off a logging truck on I-405 a few weeks ago, which broke the bumper and scratched up the under-carriage. The body shop has had my car for the entire week I was gone, but they still aren't done yet.

Here's hoping they finish tomorrow. I've got tomorrow and Friday off, so I plan to hang around the house and enjoy not being at work or on the road. I'll probably work on the Star Wars room, which would be a great reason to update the Star Wars blog.

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