Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's been a bit...

What's new?
Well...let's see. I just got done doing a radio show for almost 2 hours. It was the first one in the month of March (and in the last 30 days), so that felt pretty good.

Oh yeah...I'm trying to start going to the gym again. Someone's been gaining a little weight and would like to lose it. I can't seem to get myself there regularly, so when the mood strikes me (like it did tonight) I try to go no matter what time it is. Unfortunately, that means I went this evening after work at 7:30pm, which is probably why I'm still sitting at my computer wide awake on a work night.

I hate working out this late in the evening because it keeps me up really late afterwards. I am just now starting to be a little tired, but I know if I move from the position I'm sitting in and start walking around, I'm just going to be all energized and hyper again. This is what happens when I can't drag my ass out of bed early enough to go to the gym in the morning.

To kill time, besides doing a radio show, I was also working on putting together some Ebay auctions for a bunch of Xbox games I have sitting around that I never play with anymore. Actually, some of them, I never played with at all. So...I was cleaning out the closet on Sunday afternoon and put them all in a big pile. I swore that by Grabthar's hammer I would put them on Ebay this week. I managed to list one. The other 11 or so I want to sell are not yet listed...but I'll try to do that tomorrow.

At least I took pictures of them all. That's progress.

In other news....I registered a new domain today. I decided that KEEE should not be the center of my web universe anymore, seeing as how it's based around the radio show. I need a site for this blog, for my Star Wars blog...and pictures of my collection and stuff. Using this site for everything is so 1998. :-)

Stay tuned for news on that one.

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