Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The host with the most

This weekend, we completely put the bottom half of our house out of commission, by tearing up the Star Wars room. Detailed post can be found in my Star Wars Blog, but the basic result is that there are dozens of boxes of toys in every room EXCEPT for that one. The entire room is taped up and being painted, the toys are all over the rec room and basically, you can't walk around down there.

Despite that being the case.....I want to have a housewarming sometime soon. It won't be easy, because this weekend, I'm going to see Pearl Jam at the Gorge. That means most of the work I'll be doing is going to be weeknights.

In other house-maintenance related news, the city is going to come out and chop out the blackberry bushes that are coming into my yard. That will be awesome.

In other non-house related news, life is good. I'm very tired though and should go to bed, but I felt like documenting the hectic state of the house right now so that I can look back and laugh in a few weeks when it's all done and wonderful.

P.S. Clerks 2 comes out in exactly 3 days from right now. That is awesome

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