Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cat Scratch Fever

I was playing Xbox 360 yesterday when Heather came into the room with one of the cats. I don't particularly like that cat much, but decided to pick her up anyway. I was lying on the floor and reached over my head to pick up the cat behind me. The stupid cat stuck her back legs, claws out right into my face.

Now I have two big gashes right down the side of my left cheek.

Went out to a birthday party last night and lots of people on the street were looking at me like I had a third eye.This happened yesterday morning and I don't know how to make the healing go faster, so I've decided to let a beard grow out for a few days to try and obscure it. It'll probably be fairly hidden by tomorrow.

In the meantime, anyone know what helps cat scratches heal quicker?

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