Friday, April 07, 2006

1 week later

On Sunday we moved everything out of the old house. A bunch of friends came by around noon and we filled the biggest moving truck I've ever used (24 feet) up twice. We started loading the truck around 11:30am and weren't done completely with the unloading until 9pm Sunday night. I've got some great pictures I'll have to post here. Aside from the truck, we also filled up the cars of John, Angie, Carol, Mike, Heather, Jean and Craig with stuff that I didn't want to put into the truck. Two trips each. Plus Heather and I were taking a few trips after the move.

I think it proved once and for all that we have too much crap and I really need to start selling or giving away some stuff. I sold two of our Halo TVs right before we left, so that counts for something. One of my desks is going to be sold soon, along with a few other pieces of furniture we will probably sell or give away.

Stuff is all still sitting in boxes at the new place, because we've spent just about every night this week working at the old house making it all nice so we can sell it quickly. Some highlights of the project:

One of Craig's friends is painting all the bedrooms and bathrooms for us.
We had landscapers out last weekend.
I ripped out the shelves in the Star Wars room, as well as one of the closets that I had "altered" to fit larger things like the shuttle. That put two holes in the wall, which had to be fixed.
Tomorrow we're putting new carpet in the Star Wars room (it needed it).
Heather and I have been doing basic cleaning and yard work.
Craig took a truckload of stuff to the dump yesterday.

Still to do:
More cleaning
More yard work
Paint or stain the front door.
Cleaning the outside of the house
Back Yard (clean up the basketball backboard)


I hope by Wednesday of next week, the house will be on the market. That's my goal.

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