Thursday, September 01, 2005

All that remains

All that remains
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So I had to share this.

Over a year ago, I was at Costco and saw that they had Otter Pops. I immediately bought them, mostly for nostalgia. Fast forward to this year. I've moved that damn case of Otter Pops from my old house to the new one....and I only got through about 20 of the 250 in the case. In a year.

So much for nostalgia.

Anyway, a coworker of mine brought a case of Otter Pops in to work (a full case of 200) and put them in our community freezer just over 2 months ago.

We have this guy at work who will eat anything that is free. He started going nuts with the Otter Pops. He was eating 3 or 4 a day. So....I realized I could bring mine in, and he'd eat them for me.

So I bring them to work a couple of months ago.

Fast forward to today. I opened the freezer, and this is all there is:

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