Tuesday, July 05, 2005

If I should die before I wake

So, tonight was the annual party at the old Lake Union house. We BBQ'd, we ate and drank and watched the fireworks from the deck. It was a great time as usual except for one small wrinkle. I'm pretty sure I'm going to die.

We were lighting fireworks off in the backyard (not what killed me) and in the front alley (also not what killed me) when Justin decided to bring out these little Tiki torches. Now.....I assumed these were to assist us in the lighting of the fireworks, but turns out they had another purpose.

They were the perfect instrument for roasting marshmallows. Since Elizabeth brought a bag full (to top her Jello shots) I decided to stick one on the end of a bottle rocket and roast it over the Tiki Torch. It tasted great, so I roasted another one and ate that too. I told someone else that these were perfect for roasting marshmallows

Then someone told me that these were in fact Citronella Torches and they are meant to keep bugs away. I decided that I was now going to die.

Justin found the bottle of the stuff and it said: "Do not swallow", "Fatal if swallowed" and "Do not induce vomiting" on it. If you swallow some, you're just supposed to call a physician so they can tell you that you're going to die. I didn't call them, because who wants to spend their last few hours alive on hold or in a hospital.

So anyway....it's been a great life, and if I'm still alive tomorrow, I will enjoy continuing it.

JoshEEE out, hopefully not literally.

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Thanks for the laugh!