Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Late night TV

I just got done with one of those all day off site meetings. It started at 8am and went until 10:30pm or so. Sure, a lot of it was socializing with the coworkers, but it's still exhausting.

So why I am I not in bed?

I'm at work. Yup. Sitting here at my desk at midnight....and I'm not even doing anything that time critical.

I have to finish this presentation that I'm giving Friday morning, and I knew that if tomorrow's meeting lasts as long as this one, I'm not going to have time to have it pefect by then. I may want to come home and just crash, So I decided to suffer tonight and that way tomorrow I can just have a stress-free day and not worry about this dumb slide deck.

I can't look at Powerpoint anymore, so I'm taking a break. I have the entire building to myself....so I have Letters to Cleo playing on my Xbox nice and loud. Thank God for the Soundtracks feature in that hulking beast of a video game console.

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