Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The old ballgame

Yesterday, one of the companies we work with at my job took us all to the opening day at Safeco field. We all loaded onto a big tour bus and took the long way across 520 at about 12:30pm. Because our driver chose to take the most indirect route possible, we ended up stuck in lots of traffic and not arriving at the game until 1:45 or so.

I missed most of the Presidents opening day act (I guess they played a couple of songs before I got there) but still got to see them play as the players were introduced. This vendor has access to (or owns) their own suite, so we got to spend the entire game in there. Basically, the suite consists of about 12 chairs to watch the game from, plus a sitting area with a big plasma screen TV and lots of free food to eat. Hotdogs, Chinese food, Sushi, Cookies, Drinks, etc, etc. It made the game a lot of fun.

There were fireworks to introduce the starting lineup, and then the Safeco roof was opened to reveal a nice blue sky. About halfway through the game (by the time the Mariners were winning about 5-1) they closed the roof just in case it was about to rain. It never did. When the game ended, they asked us to raid the fridge and take everything we could (because it was all paid for and there was no sense in leaving it there). I tried to take some alcohol home for a future party, but got stopped by security on the way out. Apparently that's bad.

Anyway, on the bus ride home, a couple of my teammates had their brand new Sony PSPs and were playing them together wirelessly. There's a gadget I wish I had, but that probably would have been the only time I really NEEDED it. The rest of the time it would probably collect dust with my gameboy. I gradually fell asleep somewhere along the way back to work and woke up just in time to be dropped off at my car and go home.

Definitely better than your average day at work, unlike today....which sucks.

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