Monday, February 14, 2005

Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper

So, I saw the commercials for Cherry Dr. Pepper (with the Muppets own Mahna Mahna music) and felt as if I needed to have a can immediately. On top of that, one of my friends had some and thinks that it's basically the greatest thing ever. This shrewd combination of clever marketing and word of mouth made me want to buy some even more. Unfortunately, a trip the next day to AM/PM resulted in no delicious new soda. Apparently Washington is not one of their big "roll out" states.

Undaunted, I visited their website, where they said that the diet flavor was going everywhere, but the regular flavor was going to be "limited". They didn't say where it was limited to, or by how much....but I went to at least 6 or 7 stores looking for it and couldn't find it. I can't remember the last time I was this obsessed with trying a new product.

We went bowling on Saturday and while I was there, Heather bought a bottle of the diet flavor from a Pepsi machine (I didn't even think to look there). I had a sip and decided it tastes like every other diet soda in the world. Crap. I HATE diet soda, so I was still determined to try the regular flavor. Still, I figured we'd not see it in Seattle until long after I got tired of trying to find it.

Little did I know, this was not the case. This weekend, John was in Port Angeles and called me to tell me that they had the regular Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper at the Wal Mart over there. I asked him to pick some up for me (a whole 12 pack in fact). I could hardly wait for him to drive the 3 hours back to Seattle and then over to my house so I could finally have a taste of what could quite possibly be the best invention since Wild Cherry Pepsi (sliced bread was never a real big deal for me, as I have a bread knife).

I had my first sip.

"Wow, this tastes exactly like Dr. Pepper." I said aloud.

I had another sip to make sure the taco bell we were eating for dinner hadn't tainted my distinguished palet.

"Nope, I don't even taste the cherry or the vanilla." I confirmed to myself and the three people in the room who were not-so-interested in my opinion of this new product.

I proceeded to down the rest of the can over the course of my meal and my opinion never changed. I had another one today before lunch and it still tastes like regular Dr. Pepper to me. Maybe they forgot to add the special new flavoring to my batch.

Either way, I was hoping for the cherry of Wild Cherry Pepsi and the Vanilla of vanilla Coke. I suppose that's like hoping to win the lottery....which sadly, I also failed to achieve this week as well.

Such is life.


JohnS said...

So the diet does take a little getting used to, but it tastes better to me. I concur on the regular. It tastes no different than plain old regular Dr. Pepper to me. The diet however, is ripe with cherry flavor. The vanilla isn't so strong. Just a hint really. But the cherry comes through, especially if you hold it in your mouth for a second or two before swallowing it. I'd suggest you get over your diet-phobia and give it a real try.

JoshEEE said...

First of all, diet drinks are for chicks. I realize that men have started drinking them in the last several years, but that's lame.

Second...I drink a soda for the taste. I don't drink it for the caffeine or sugar buzz (unless I'm driving late at night or something) so why drink something that tastes like shit to me?

That's like me asking you to drink Bud Light because it has less calories than whatever regular full flavored draft you like.

I've never understood the point of "Acquiring a taste" for anything. You either like it or you don't. Why try and acclimate yourself to eating, drinking or smoking something that you hate just because other people say it's good?