Monday, January 10, 2005

My friend the Borg

I have a friend, who for the purpose of protecting her identity, I'll call "Care Roll". Instant messages or emails with Care Roll can sometimes be filled with acronyms and abbreviations that I'm pretty sure she comes up with herself. I like to think that's because she strives to find the most efficient form of communication possible, much like the Binars, the Borg or other beings from Star Trek (a show she doesn't watch, but I'm pretty sure she somehow based her life around in some small part anyway).

Often, written or spoken dialog with her is quicker than might be with other folks I know. That's not to say she's not filled with useful information, she just (like a computer) dispenses it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Like a computer, requests for information must be entered properly, or correct results may not be immediately obtained.

Recently, she had informed me about some gift certificates Costco was selling that would enable the bearer to purchase dinner at the Met for less than menu prices. 80 dollars for 100 dollars of credit or some such deal. Definitely an amazing bargain.

Today, I was thinking about having some steak there and thought I'd ask Care Roll where in the store I would find those gift Certificates. I sent her the following email:

Hey....where do I get those Costco gift certificates anyway?

One second after hitting the "send" button, I realized my question would not be a sufficient query, and ammended it with this follow-up email:

And before you say "Costco"...I mean, online, in a certain section of the store, or what?

I think I'm going to have to take advantage of that deal.

Alas, I was not fast enough and as I hit "Send and Receive" on my second and more complete question, I received the following from Care Roll:



Right afterwords, I received the following email from her:

too late
i said costco

Ya gotta love that. Even though I deserved that answer, I still had to laugh for awhile that I had actually just received it.

It took 3 more emails to finally get the location of the store she bought the gift certificates from and the approximate location inside of the store. I have determined this is all totally my fault for not asking the exact right question in the first place.

Nevertheless, it was one of the funniest email threads in awhile and I wanted to preserve it for all time.

Viva La Vulcans!


JohnS said...

Dude. $80 for $100 worth of credit? At the Met? I need to get me some of that. Steak sounds good right about now. So... which Costco? Which section? Online?

JoshEEE said...