Friday, December 31, 2004

Twas the night before New Years

We just wrapped up Halo Party X. We had a ton of people here (I think it ended up being 21 or so) but you have to subtract the 5 of the 6 girls that didn't play (or played one or two games and then went back to chatting). We had a few no shows, but a couple of people I wasn't expecting filled all 16 seats very quickly.

We didn't really have any great matches like Halo parties past, because the teams were pretty darn unbalanced no matter which way we tried to balance them. Not that we actually tried that hard, but most of the time it was 5 or 6 good people and a couple of average players against 2 or 3 really decent people and 6 more that were playing their first couple of games tonight. :-)

I ended up being on the losing team most of the time, but as frustrating as that was...I still had fun. Chalk that up to a lot of good friends and their friends coming over. We had pizza, drinks and all sorts of other great stuff to round out the evening, and when everyone started filing out at about 2am, we switched over to DDR for about half an hour.

All and all....a good night.

And now I should get some sleep, because I have another party tomorow night.

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