Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Secret revealed

Ok, so enough time has passed since Christmas that I can now reveal what the toy was that caused all the trouble last week. If you'll remember, in "The Quest for the Screw driver"... I spoke about a present that had some complications and needed to be fixed.
The present in question was none other than a pair of Lord of the Rings talking plushes. One was a Smeagol and one was this Gollum.

Smeagol was the one that was working fine, but Gollum was unable to talk when I unwrapped him from his packaging. When I took out the voice-box and went to the store to find the screwdriver....it wasn't working. It started working at the store (as I mentioned in the post linked above) and the things it was saying was pretty funny.

I don't know if you've ever done this, but when you take the voice box out of a toy, it becomes extremely loud. So imagine being at a Fred Myer at 8am while people are Christmas shopping and have this thing in your hand suddenly start yelling: "MY PRECIOUS!" and other Gollum sayings. It was pretty darn funny.

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