Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Quest for the Screwdriver

Warning: The names and/or descriptions of the present in the following entry have been changed to protect innocent eyes that may or may not be reading this Blog. The actual names and/or descriptions of said present will be revealed after the gift is given to it's intended recipient.

I ordered a present on the internet over a week ago for some lucky person. This present is electronic in nature and without giving too much away, is quite noisy when working properly.

The present came in two pieces, both of which make noise. Before wrapping them up and placing them under the tree, I decided to check whether or not they work (seeing as how I had never shopped one the website I bought them from). One of them worked splendidly. I tested it's various functions to verify that they all worked correctly, then placed it back in it's box. The 2nd present did NOT work, so I opened it up to find out why.

Inside the present is a battery compartment that powers it's speakers. It was transparent, so I could see that it had batteries in it, but I could also see that the spring inside contacting them was bent. I figured a minor adjustment would be all that was needed, but the stupid thing is sealed with the smallest screw I have ever seen. I had no tool in the house that could turn this tiny screw. I could make a really obvious "dick" joke right now, but I refuse to stoop to that level.

I drove off to Fred Myer, where I hit the he jewelry section. I was sure they'd have a screwdriver small enough. No dice, but they directed me to the vision center where surely a screwdriver could be found. The lady there did not have one I could use, but did have one I could buy for 1.99.

Reluctant to buy a screwdriver that may or may not be small enough, I asked her if I could try it out there. She agreed and so I opened the packaging and gave it a go. The screwdriver fit! She was unable to take cash, so she charged my credit card a whopping 2.13.

While she was ringing up my purhcase, I proceeded to unscrew the battery cover and fix the spring inside. While I was doing this, the thing decided to start working and proceeded to emit extremely loud noises right there in the Vision Center of Fred Myer.

I cannot describe these noises without giving away the nature of the present, but let's just say it was an extremely humourous morning. In a future entry, I will take a picture of this that everyone can see what it was that was making so much noise.

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