Monday, November 29, 2004


That Thanksgiving break was not NEARLY long enough.

I left for P.A. on Wednesday night, spent a relaxing turkey day with the family and played a lot of chess with my Grandpa. Gone are the days when he could beat me easily. The last game, I even had to let him tie me. Playing to a tie in chess is one of the harder things you can do. It was the first time I'd ever seen only the two kings left on a chess board. We went for a walk out on the hook (it was really windy) and spent part of Friday morning flying my little RC plane for the first time. It's maiden voyage went alright, but on the second flight something had happened to the tail and it would only turn right. So, I sort of crash landed it that time. I put a new tailwing on it and it should be ready to go for next time.

Friday night we had dinner at Heather's mom's house. That made a total of three turkeys I got to sample (My Dad had two, because he wanted to try barbequeing one). The best of the three was his oven turkey. Saturday was the toy drive, which went really well. We raised 3600 bucks for Child's Play in 6 hours. We'll try to beat that for Treehouse in a couple of weeks. I'm hoping people will be even more charitable by then. Someone donated an Xbox though, so I can't complain.

I spent all day yesterday lounging, recovering from a very busy weekend. Played (and lost) lots of Halo 2. Over the Thanksgiving break, our clan went from level 7 in Minor Clan Matches down to level 6, and right now, we're teetering in the middle of that level. We need to get our act together.

Is it too early to start counting the days until Christmas break?

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