Tuesday, September 07, 2004

No shelves for you!

This lovely labor day weekend I had but one goal and one goal alone: I was FINALLY going to get started on my shelves. This spare bedroom in my house is just sitting there begging for something to be done with it.....and I have a plan to fill it with shelves that I can display all my junk on. Once I have shelves, I can take my massive collections out of their boxes and start displaying them like a normal freak does. It's a huge project, but even measuring the room would have been a start. :-)

Well, Saturday came along and instead of working on the shelves I ended up going to see a dumb movie and then stopping by a pajama party later that evening. Then on Sunday instead of building shelves, I spent the day helping Jason look for a new car. On Monday, I went to a BBQ and watched another movie. All were good ways to spend a lazy 3 day weekend, but none of them got me any closer to having my shelves.

So, my new goal is to have them up before the end of the month. I've been saying that each month since I moved in back in March, so hopefully this month I'll stick to it.

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