Friday, August 20, 2004

Video games: Friend or Foe?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have been selected to participate in the Penny Arcade Omegathon which takes place in Bellevue next weekend. While I'm really excited about it, getting ready is a lot of work. There are 5 Games we'll be playing (that I know about).

The first is Diceland. This is a game with little cardboard dice with little dudes on the sides, and the dudes have special powers. Robot Dude can take a lot of damage, while little Elf Girl can poison you with her magic knife and so on. Normally, this is the kind of game I would laugh at people for playing. It sounds way too "rpg" when you talk about it and that has never been my thing. However, because it's the first game in the Omegathon, so I have to know how to play it.

The second game is Halo. Anyone who knows me can vouch for my skillz in that. However...I'm guessing that's the game that EVERYONE in the Omegathon is going to be the best I just have to be on top of my game.

The third game is Mario Kart Double Dash. Again...I have mad skillz. The kicker is...I have them in the one player version of the game. The two player is a whole other story.

The fourth game is Dance Dance Revolution. That's on Sunday. I hate dancing, but I've played this once or twice at Gameworks. Maybe I'll get lucky and play against someone who's worse.

So, for the last couple of days I've spent pretty much all of my free times playing those games of one sort or another. Last night was John's birthday and he came over to my place with Jason for some gaming. We played Deathmatch Doom all night (They were on the downstairs PCs and I got the office to myself). Then we played some Diceland until Justin showed up for 5 minutes or so. He popped in to visit, and then took off.

BTW....I've just heavily edited this post, because I realized posting my entire strategy for the Omegathon might be a dumb thing to do. I'm sure one of my opponents could be reading this. So...if you are, no help for you! You're going down come next weekend. You might as well just accept that.

There....that's cocky enough, eh?

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