Monday, August 02, 2004

Guess who's back....

I am going to be really lazy and copy the first part of this post from an email I just sent to a friend describing the last week or two:

Today is my first day back at work after my week long vacation. I was down in San Diego for Comic con from Weds the 21st to Sunday the 25th, then got a rental car and drove to Vegas where I stayed until last Wednesday the 28th. Then...flew back to Seattle and had a few days off right here at home.This is basically the exact same trip as last year, except we went with quite a few more friends than we did last time. It also ended up being more expensive, not so much because we spent more but because I didn't share any hotel rooms this time around so I ended up PAYING more. It's really hot up here. for Seattle anyway. In the 80's and low 90's this last week, although it's supposed to cool down.

Nothing else really exciting to talk about right this second. I had a bunch of friends over Friday night to play some Halo on a few Xboxes. That's a lot of fun, and I have this big dream that someday I'll fix up the downstairs of the house to be this giant game area where we can play Halo on big screens or projectors. Of course, I need to get enough money for something like that before I can actually do it. :-)

---and that was the summary taken from the email, which pretty much covered it.

Things not included in that email:

Although it was over a week, this vacation was not nearly long enough.

I lost over 100 dollars gambling in Vegas, and then won it all back in one morning of blackjack and some craps (which I just learned to play). I ended up leaving about 60 bucks ahead despite wasting 2o bucks on the "Wheel of Fortune" machine at the Vegas airport.

I bought so many toys at Comic Con that I had to enlist the help of John and Elizabeth to take a carry on suitcase each full of them home on their plane. In the end, I bought about 20 or 30 different things and they all made it hope relatively undamaged.

Despite the fact that we packed a total of 5 costumes in two trunks down to San Diego, we were only actually in costume at Comic Con for a total of about 4 hours combined between all of them.

The new Star Trek ride at the Hilton is not nearly as cool as the old one (which we also rode again).

We are already planning another trip to Vegas this year.


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