Thursday, August 12, 2004

Contests and more Contests

Still trying to win that stupid radio contest. Now we've missed two of the codes in two weeks. While some people might say "Gee, that's pretty good considering that means you got the other 30 or 40" it's probably not that good. Nevertheless....Heather and I went after another one at lunch time and are that much closer to winning the whole darn thing. :-)

Jason and I applied to be on the Amazing Race 7. We spent all day Sunday making a little video, then filling out our applications and getting pictures taken. Then the next day he Overnighted the thing to the producers of the show and now we're just crossing our fingers.

ALSO...there is a video game tournament at the end of August that I just got entered into. It's called The Omegathon. They only select 20 people to be a part of it, and somehow I got picked. So I'll be getting busy with the video game practice and hopefully get to the second day at least. :-)

In non-contest related news:

I have to call my sister in a moment to instruct her over the phone in the arts of burning a CD. Apparently, she has herself a virus that Norton can't fix, so I'm going to help her get all her important stuff off of the machine and then tell her how to reformat and start over. At that point, she can scan the files she burned and see if any of those are the culprit. Of course...that's in theory. In practice...who knows how any of this is going to work?

Flash forward 10 minutes...

Her computer won't even boot up, so she's going to call me back if she can get into it. Then I have to teach her to create a folder, how to drag and drop..and THEN how to burn a CD. That's going to be a fun afternoon on the phone for both of us, I can already tell.


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